2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey

ENLASO’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Highlight Responsiveness, Flexibility, and Understanding of Customer Needs

ENLASO® Corporation (www.enlaso.com), a leading provider of translation and localization solutions, announced the results of this year’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, revealing that ENLASO is responsive, understands customer needs, and offers flexible solutions to customer problems.

As part of ENLASO’s ISO 9001:2008 quality management system (QMS), the Customer Satisfaction Survey was sent to active ENLASO customers. The survey has 14 questions, along with the option to provide comments. It also asks several open-ended questions that allow our customers to provide additional, qualitative feedback about their experience.

“For the sixth consecutive year, ENLASO has been using a standardized set of survey questions to show us how we are doing in our efforts to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations,” notes ENLASO President, John Watkins. “We are grateful that our customer base responds honestly and sincerely to our survey requests. It allows us to accurately measure their satisfaction.” He adds, “Our surveys provide us with useful insights to develop improvements to our quality management system. We are very pleased to see that our customers overwhelmingly find we meet or exceed their expectations, and that our services add value to their companies.”

Yves Lang, Chief Sales Officer, adds, “One of ENLASO’s main goals is to continually improve upon its own high standards. We don’t seek to merely meet expectations, we want our customers to be extremely pleased. Ultimately, we want our services to make the international component of their organization more effective, more profitable, and, thus, more successful.”

ENLASO established its quality management system 14 years ago and has since been tracking customer feedback. To view the results of the 2012 ENLASO Customer Satisfaction Survey, please visit: 2012 Customer Survey Summary.

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