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Below, you'll find case studies that help illustrate ENLASO's localization and translation services. Please click to download case studies you're interested in.


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Save Money by Using HTML for Desktop Publishing

No matter on which side of the “Print is Dead” debate companies stand, it is clear that printed materials are on the decrease, especially for internal company documentation, user manuals, instructions for use, and even legal agreements (think of all those license agreements). Instead, companies choose to deliver information over the web or other applications to display on the closest computer screen, tablet, or phone.

US Endoscopy Case Study

In order to distribute their GI Endoscopy accessories on a worldwide scale, US Endoscopy was tasked with localizing their Directions for Use (DFUs) into 8 European languages. The challenge was that the English content had been authored without localization strategy in mind.

Pelco Case Study

Respected as a major product innovator, Pelco is a privately held video security systems manufacturer. With a prestigious history of offering high-quality products, innovative technologies, and guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction, Pelco has become the most sought-after supplier in the video security industry.

Creating a New Language for Nutrition: McDonald’s Universal Icons for 109 Countries

How ENLASO helped McDonald’s culturally localize nutrition icons by distilling over 13,000 comments from iconographers for 109 countries. Case Study

When it came time to locate the perfect partner to take their business globally, selected ENLASO as the ideal language services provider. As the world’s largest romance facilitator, has established and exceeded quality and service standards on a global basis. With 30 dating sites in 18 local languages that offer millions of singles romantic possibilities across six continents, faced a daunting challenge to maintain quality and consistency.

MeetMe Case Study

MeetMe, Smartling, and ENLASO team up to build the leading social network for meeting new people!

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