ENLASO’s customers come from many industries—from life sciences to manufacturing, museums to online gaming, insurance to non-profit organizations—each with domain-specific requirements. We customize our project processes to your individual customer.

Our employees have an average of 15 years experience in the localization industry, giving them the knowledge required to exceed your needs. Several of them are sought-after speakers at localization events, and contribute webinars and white papers to industry magazines and publications. Review our featured industries using the links on the left.

ENLASO serves industries world-wide...and we are are eager to serve you!


B2B, B2C, or C2C: Whether you are selling your product or service to consumers or other businesses, your eCommerce business requires fast, accurate, and affordable translation services. Many of our customers launch new offerings on a daily basis and depend on ENLASO as their agile localization partner to help establish and grow their global footprint.

ENLASO's ability to seamlessly work with various technologies—and our flexible and scalable business model—allow us to develop customized processes that fit uniquely with your eCommerce business needs. Our teams will work together with you to develop solutions to satisfy the needs of any growing enterprise!

Finance & Banking

The global financial industry is the giant among industries—yet reaches down to the individual who simply needs to withdraw money from an ATM in their preferred language. This means that translations need to be geared very specifically to the appropriate audience while maintaining your overall company branding and terminology.

Whether your financial business requires translations for financial reports that are published for the world to see, highly confidential documentation for your next board meeting, or an easy-to-read pamphlet for the recent high-school graduate—you can trust ENLASO's highly trained financial translators for accurate and comprehensive translations.

Games & Entertainment

In 2013, the worldwide video game marketplace, which includes video game console hardware and software, online, mobile, and PC games, reached $93 billion. Many US-based game developers and publishers face growing demand—but also competition—from outside the US and have to make their games available in more than just English.

In 1958, a scientist named William Higinbotham created "Tennis for Two." The game was never commercially released because it was meant to be an electrical experiment rather than an actual video game. By the late 1970s—when personal computers started to become widely available—the computer game industry started to take shape and grow along with the advancement of computing technology and, eventually, the Internet.

Founded in 1968, ENLASO was at the forefront to support multilingual solutions for the rapidly growing games industry. Over the years, ENLASO has gained invaluable games localization expertise and our dedicated games localization specialists are able to offer a full range of services to games developers and publishers alike. Whether you are looking to localize games for smart phones, console games, computer-based games, mobile games, or arcade based video games, ENLASO provides you with a customized games localization strategy that will fit your budget, quality expectations, and deadline.

ENLASO’s games localization specialists offer all the services you require and expect from a one-stop shop games localization vendor, including:

  • Translation and localization of print materials including packaging and user manuals
  • Internationalization and localization consulting
  • Localization engineering
  • Dedicated games translation and localization teams
  • Localization of console games from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo
  • Localization of computer-based games for Windows and Macintosh
  • Mobile games localization for iOS and Android
  • Localization of arcade based video games
  • Multilingual voice-over recording
  • Graphics localization
  • Multilingual user-interface and website localization
  • Quality assurance and testing services
  • Marketing localization and consulting

Examinations is a fascinating and growing marketplace which, while it covers many different types of industries, has shared localization challenges across all. Over the years, ENLASO has provided accurate and affordable support to many customers in this arena, and guarantees absolute confidentiality and security. We have learned that first and foremost on our examination customers' minds are confidentiality and security. For instance, if your company develops highly specialized exams for certification in a technical industry, you need to be confident that none of your questions or answers is leaked to the public in advance, or that the content is in any way compromised. Translators are carefully screened and monitored. Any content that needs to be transferred is heavily encrypted. Each customer has additional security protocols that must be followed to the letter. And everyone—everyone—signs a legally-binding non-disclosure agreement.

Once the examinations have been administered to the end users, ENLASO again steps in to translate any essay questions back into English. As the content of these essays often will be the crucial determining factor in whether the candidate passes or fails, our linguistic experts take particular care to deliver accurate translations.


The insurance industry is perhaps one of the most vital industries in everyday life, and reaches every corner of the world. From health care providers to home insurance, from car coverage to travel security, it is essential that the end user receives information in the language they are most familiar with. The information may be presented in pamphlets, legal documentation, or even verbally. ENLASO can help communications on all levels, whether through translation of printed information, over the phone interpretation, in-person sign language, online sites—and conversely back into English, as needed. Insurance companies also must be able to receive and understand information that their global customers and partners may send them—perhaps patient records or property management documentation from other countries.

ENLASO handles all these types of content, with the utmost care to protect any confidential information.


ENLASO has recently launched a division focusing specifically on areas of significant growth for the company:
legal translations into and from English, as well as transcription, on-site interpretation, and Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI) services.


ENLASO's manufacturing customers specialize in everything from household cleaning goods to heavy machinery used in mining operations around the globe. Our linguistic experts translate product packaging, clothes labels, operations manuals, safety warnings, in-store signage—all with the same precision and care that our customers expect from their own products. Special care is taken to ascertain exact measurement conversions and specifications, and glossaries are created to ensure terminological consistency across all components and languages.

Medical Translation

Translation and localization systems guarantee a competitive advantage for global manufacturers of medical devices, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare products. ENLASO partners with life sciences companies to cost-effectively market products globally in compliance with international regulatory language requirements. Delivering quality translations, ENLASO simplifies language processes, reduces project costs, and enables faster time-to-market.
Managing languages and international regulatory affairs are among the most critical aspects of developing and marketing products for the global life sciences industry. Any mistake, no matter how minor, can delay product approvals, launches, or cause widespread public relations disasters. ENLASO specializes in language solutions for the life sciences industry and provides accurate and consistent translation and localization services that enable customers to focus on their core competencies.

ENLASO translators and editors are formally educated native speakers with extensive industry experience and backgrounds in medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology. With an integrated network of offices and global linguistic partnerships, ENLASO ensures success at every stage of your localization project: from regulatory documentation to large user manuals, and device GUIs to marketing communications. The technical accuracy and consistency of ENLASO’s linguistic experts are complemented and leveraged by the effective use of language technologies, translation memories, and terminology glossary management systems.

ENLASO provides unparalleled multilingual regulatory expertise, empowering manufacturers of life sciences products to market their products cost-effectively worldwide with regulatory compliance in every market. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified language services provider, we are literally a part of your team. In the eyes of international regulatory bodies, ENLASO's certified processes are equivalent to having an in-house translation and localization department.


The ENLASO team comes from various backgrounds and cultures. As such, we enjoy traveling and visiting museums all around the world. Most museums cater to an international English-speaking audience, but how do you entice tourists visiting from other countries to your museum in the US? How do you ensure they have the same enriching cultural experience that you have built your museum around? ENLASO works with renowned museums all around the US, providing culturally appropriate translations for exhibit content, multimedia games and interactive programs, and audio tours in multiple languages.


ENLASO is proud to build long-lasting partnerships with all our customers, and over the years, we consider many of them friends. But nothing makes our team prouder than helping non-profit organizations reach non-English speakers. Our translations help patients understand important health information and enable them on their path to recovery. Some support world-wide relief efforts. Others help neighbors in distress obtain affordable housing for their families. If you are a non-profit organization, please contact our team for special discounts and incentives.

Oil, Gas & Energy

Energy solutions, from the use of oil and natural gas to the alternative energy solutions in use or proposed, represent a large factor in the world economy. To put this in perspective, some predict oil costs to rise to $112 a barrel. The US uses 30 million barrels of oil a day and the European Union uses 15 million, Japan five million, and Russia two million ($2.3 billion, $912 million, $380 million, and $146 million dollars per day by region). Factoring in the costs and revenue generation for natural gas consumption, construction of power plants (gas, coal, nuclear, thermal, and hydropower), and research, the large economic impact of this industry is easily understood.

While the developed world still relies predominantly upon nonrenewable fossil fuels, such as oil, natural gas, and coal for energy production, the need for renewable energy continues to grow steadily as a result of decreased fuel supplies (and corresponding price increases) along with the ecological impact of fossil fuel consumption. Renewable energy from solar, wind, biomass, hydrogen, geothermal, ocean, and hydropower combined with nuclear energy help reduce the world’s reliance on fossil fuels. All of these energy sources represent large, economically powerful industries that offer business opportunities worldwide.

ENLASO has the experience to assist you with any oil, gas, and energy related project, including the translation and localization of:

Social Networking

At their heart, social networking and online dating websites are very relationship oriented: the “product” is the online customer (or website member), who is directly involved in “packaging” and virtually “delivering” personal content to another customer. As a result, localization challenges for such a site are very different from traditional multilingual commercial web applications. Cost-effectively serving such web content globally, while preserving individual target locale protocols of interactive dating and romance, requires a highly specialized team.

The tone of communications and standards for appropriate social demeanor in social networking and online dating can be radically different in Asian markets from what is considered the norm in Western markets. Pull down menus with gender and pronouns can prove to be surprisingly complex in some languages.

Many online dating or social networking websites have databases of hobbies, professions, memberships, etc. to help flesh out a user’s profile. ENLASO can advise you when additional content (e.g. new professions) are appropriate for new target locales. Our linguistic input will help ensure that your website is culturally appropriate for all of your intended locales.

All of these issues can best be addressed with the proper consulting to ensure that your social web application is properly internationalized before being localized for all locales. ENLASO is your ideal localization partner to address and remedy all of these issues.

ENLASO can establish an ISO 9001 certified localization model for you that will ensure continued success for your localized web applications. Leveraging industry-defining language professionals, language technologies and ISO 9001 certified quality localization methodologies, ENLASO is committed to exceeding customer expectations as your enterprise language partner.


Surveys require precision to succeed. Whether you are ready to gauge your international market, measure your customers’ experience, or take the pulse of your international employee base, ENLASO has the expertise to help you clear the hurdles that international surveys present.

Survey localization, much like the comprehensive language solutions that ENLASO provides for a wide range of industries, is not just about changing from one language to another.

ENLASO considers all of the elements needed to create appropriate surveys for each target market—from providing the technical support to integrate with your survey system to ensuring culturally appropriate and clear translations for each market.

We offer the following comprehensive suite of services to help you with your survey design, localization, and deployment:

  • Technical writing and editing
  • Master survey design and content creation consulting
  • Cultural adaptation services
  • Translation and localization of all types of surveys
  • In-country and in-context linguistic reviews consulting
  • Into English translations for survey responses and related content
  • Customer-specific customized training

Whether you are developing your globalization strategy from the ground up or need to revise your current surveys to serve your global market, ENLASO helps you optimize your strategies, survey instruments, and platforms to capture the information you need to succeed.

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