ENLASO Corporation Adds Global Market Solutions to its List of Services

Boulder, CO – August 7, 2012 – ENLASO Corporation, in its ongoing commitment to providing its clients with the most effective means for succeeding in international markets, has recently added Global Market Solutions to its list of services.

With many clients finding a need to address complex international business issues beyond translation, ENLASO recognizes the importance of having a broad range of tools to help its clients navigate the maze of regulatory, logistical, and cross-cultural challenges found in global markets. Some of those tools are:

  • Global Market Research
  • Trade Barriers and Opportunities
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • International Branding
  • International Customer Support Strategies
  • International Staffing and Training
  • International Sales and Distribution
  • International Legal Referrals

Explaining this new service and its applications, John Watkins, ENLASO’s President and Chief Operations Officer said, “With Global Market Solutions, ENLASO is now able to help its clients fine-tune their international market penetration plans, maximize the potential for success while minimizing the chance for costly errors, and pair their experts with our cross-cultural and in-country subject matter experts to give them a competitive advantage.”

Rocío Txabarriaga, one of our Global Market Solutions consultants, said, “All companies, from multinational corporations to small businesses, can and should arm themselves with finely-targeted intelligence and strategies before and during the pursuit of new markets. ‘Mapping’ the regulatory, cultural, and competitive environments in a particular country is what Global Market Solutions are all about. It’s like adding an instant global workforce of more than 2,000 resources to any company.”

For more information, please visit our Global Market Solutions page: http://www.enlaso.com/Language_Services/LS_Global_Market_Solutions.aspx.

ENLASO will also be hosting a webinar on the Global Compliance localization challenges and opportunities in September. Visit www.enlaso.com for more information.

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