ENLASO Launches a New Legal Website: www.translatelegaldocs.com

Boise, ID – October 25, 2013 – ENLASO Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise language solutions, announces today that it has launched a new website focused on areas of significant growth for the company: legal translations into and from English, as well as transcription, onsite interpretation, and OPI (Over the Phone Interpretation) services.

Yves Lang, ENLASO’s Chief Sales Officer, explains, “ENLASO has provided translations of legal documents for many years, from contracts to license agreements, court documents to real estate contracts, and patents to transcripts.” He adds, “We have developed this legal translation expertise over time and it has helped many of our customers, a lot of them Fortune 100, in legal proceedings, international mergers and acquisitions, and audits. It was time to launch a website dedicated to addressing this growing need.”

Additional offerings include transcription of customer calls, meetings, or seminars, as well as onsite interpretation and over the phone interpretation (OPI) services for teleconferences or meetings. For more information, please consult the website at: www.translatelegaldocs.com.

Stephanie Howard, from a medical device company, notes, “Subject to a significant audit, we had thousands of customer calls that had to be accurately transcribed and ENLASO did a fantastic job over the span of several months.” A Product Manager from a major manufacturing company adds, “After going through a major acquisition in Asia, ENLASO has been instrumental in helping us translate a very large volume of legal documents in very little time. The translations were accurate and always on time.”

John Watkins, ENLASO’s President, notes, “I am very excited for our company to have reached this milestone. ENLASO commits fully to meeting and exceeding customer expectations, as reflected in the company’s mature quality management system with over 15 years of consecutive ISO 9001 certification.” He continues, “We streamlined our production processes and strengthened interdepartmental synergies to create a flexible and effective company.” He adds, “Despite the long standing economic challenges, ENLASO is on track for another record year in both revenue and profitability.”

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