ENLASO has a full R&D department, as well as seasoned localization and internationalization engineering professionals. We follow emerging technology trends closely and are able to work seamlessly with most of our customers' technologies.


ENLASO provides a website to customers with a portal for direct communication and transfer of project data. Contact us for more information on using this free service!


Ratel is a small Java application that allows you to create and maintain segmentation rules in SRX (segmentation Rules eXchange format). You can validate the rules, as well as test them on-the-fly, or on test files.

Okapi Framework

One of our proudest achievements is the Okapi framework, which ENLASO founded and continues to invest in.

ENLASO is committed to improving localization quality and costs, and remains actively involved in the development of the Okapi Framework, a set of interface specifications, format definitions, components and applications that provide an environment to build inter-operable tools for the different steps of the translation and localization process.

Designed in collaboration with localization professionals across the world to help in localizing software, web, and documentation content, the framework provides a rich set of components that can be re-used in your own applications to develop flexible and powerful processes.

The Okapi Framework is a Java library with all the classes needed to use the Okapi filters components with your own program and scripts. It includes filters for various file formats, an SRX-based segmentation engine, an ITS processor, and many other components useful to develop flexible and powerful localization processes.It runs across different platforms, including: Windows, Linux, and Macintosh.


Rainbow, a Java application, allows localization professionals to prepare files in various formats (XML, SVG, etc.) for various translation environments, converts files from one encoding to another, and also performs a number of additional localization-related tasks. From Rainbow's main window, the user simply selects an input file, chooses the utility to run, sets the options, and then executes.

Rainbow features a Regex Filter that extracts and merges text from any file format where the extractable text can be identified using regular expressions. The tool also provides support for PO files, Java Properties, HTML and XML documents, and much more.

Once translated, Rainbow merges the text back into the original file format. Respecting the need for localization industry standards, Rainbow works with TMX (Translation Memory eXchange Standard) documents, as well as other localization standard formats.

Rainbow can also be used as a command-line program.

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