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Translation Memory 101

The effective use of Translation Memory (TM) technology supports faster time-to-market, reduces costs, and dramatically improves the overall quality of the translations.

Preparing Your Content for Translation Using Controlled Language and XML

Controlled languages are subsets of natural languages, obtained by restricting the grammar and vocabulary in order to reduce or eliminate ambiguity and complexity. Traditionally, controlled languages fall into two major types: those that improve readability for human readers (e.g. non-native speakers), and those that enable reliable automatic semantic analysis of the language.

Using controlled language for technical writing is one significant way that technical writers can have a positive impact on translation costs.

Global Compliance — Beyond Localization

Regardless of where they operate, companies are responsible for ensuring that their employees and surrogates comply with U.S. and local laws and regulations, with corporate standards of business conduct and ethics, and proper procedures relating to health and safety. To succeed, it is critical to take the time to understand the local culture and business landscape, adapt and customize business practices, and communicate expectations in the local language. In this webinar, Marguerite Gregory and Rocío Txabarriaga will talk about the steps that can be taken to mitigate compliance risks and achieve successful compliance programs across all global operations. This webinar is of particular interest to people and organizations who want to fully pursue and support various multicultural and international markets, beyond simply localization, and want to create the best possible, comprehensive strategy for success.

Effective Localization Project Handoff Management

Balancing low cost, fast turnaround, and high quality output for localization is always a challenge, even more so in today’s economic climate. A well executed "handoff" is crucial to a successful localization project, both in quality and budget, and carries the same consequences as companies sprint to maintain global market leadership. With tool automation advancements such as Content Management Systems (CMS) and Globalization Management Systems (GMS), the localization industry is in a better place to achieve the ‘faster, better, cheaper’ goal, but it does come with some caveats.

Multilingual eLearning Applications and the Global Student

A complimentary one-hour presentation that includes an overview of localizing eLearning applications and the challenges, best practices, and tips for achieving a multilingual release with as few problems as possible. A primary focus of this presentation will be to guide eLearning Application Developers, Managers, and Course Creators to the challenges localization poses to the learning process in order to make training more effective, and saving both time and money with your localized release.

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