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How you create your documentation or software has a direct impact on the localization process. Using best practices in the development of your content helps to reduce localization project timelines and costs. The charter of our Consulting and Training Division exists to help you save time and money, making you as self-sufficient as possible in creating localization-ready content.


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Global Market Solutions

ENLASO’s Global Market Solutions include market data collection, analysis, and reporting; strategic planning for market penetration; export advisory (including compliance issues); establishing an international brand and achieving brand recognition; localized sales and distribution; supply change management and logistics recommendations; legal referrals (such as for intellectual property rights) and facilitation; international staffing and training; and international customer support strategies.

XML Consulting

XML is becoming increasingly visible in the localization arena due to its ability to simplify content creation and to constrain the amount of new content that requires translation. Content or document analysis is recommended before you refine or create an XML solution. Stay on top of the latest XML standards, from TBX to XLIFF.

Desktop Publishing Consulting

There is much more to localization than just translating text. Desktop publishing can account for as much 25% to 50% of your project budget (depending on tools and practices in use.) Our consultants can train you to ensure that all files are created and prepared properly before they are submitted for localization.

Determine the best way to streamline your source documents through document analysis. Redundant elements and formatting are eliminated to reduce publishing and proofing time.

FrameMaker Optimization

ENLASO develops customer-specific FrameMaker plug-ins to enhance product features and automate repetitious tasks. If you are using basic FrameMaker, ENLASO can modify your templates to reduce localization publishing time. Let us help you construct your structured FrameMaker application to approach XML publishing with the most benefits to localization.

Training Services

ENLASO delivers localization-relevant courses in desktop publishing, including customized training based on your content, templates, and current best practices. Learn how to prepare legacy data for conversion to FrameMaker or XML. Master best practices for localization project coordination and more. ENLASO is extremely expert at FrameMaker training due to the large proportion of our customers who use that product in challenging ways. Courses are delivered on-line and on-site. Training services are also available for localization engineering and localization project management.

Localization Engineering Consulting

Engineering processes must often be tailored to make localization more efficient. ENLASO can ensure that internationalization best practices are part of your product development strategy. Let our consultants show you how to plan engineering development with every step of localization in mind to avoid problems before they occur.

Cultural and Language Consulting

In today’s global economy, more and more companies are gaining market share by tapping into foreign markets. They thus face the challenge of having to localize and translate their software applications, eLearning platforms, Websites, video games, technical documents, and marketing collateral.

ENLASO’s team of in-country linguists and cultural consultants effectively assists global corporations with all of their cultural consulting and evaluation needs.

Documentation Optimization

Your company may have thousands of pages of documentation, created over the span of decades, authored in a myriad of tools. Now that you are faced with the global community—how do you best allocate your resources to translate your documentation meeting all the language requirements?ENLASO can help analyze your source content prior to localization to ensure you use your resources in the most cost-effective ways.


You are thinking about expanding into overseas markets—have you developed your software, website, or web application with international customers in mind?
Successful international software, website, or web application launches usually require internationalization (i18n) first before effective localization (l10n) can occur.

Consider engaging ENLASO’s team of internalization and localization experts. We can assist you from the very early product development stages and help you avoid making costly mistakes.

Marketing Consulting

ENLASO localizes all materials used to communicate the image and advertising objectives of your company in your target markets. We recognize that word-for-word conversions are not sufficient when translating your products for international markets. Creative writing and cultural analysis are often needed to make your message effective in global markets. Through careful analysis, our marketing language professionals will ensure that your company's image is consistent and effective worldwide.

Technical Writing and Editing

Clearly written technical content that is concise, consistent, and styled to reach globally diverse audiences creates the most cost-effective, high-quality localized content. Simple word use and easy-to-read sentences positively impact translation quality and word counts. Coherent structure and consistent styles enhance user understanding, make searching for information easier, and maximize the potential for content reuse. ENLASO helps you optimize technical content for clarity, simplicity, and ease of translation.

Tools Customization

ENLASO is committed to improving localization quality and costs, and ported its localization tools to the open source Okapi Framework. We are actively involved in the development of the Okapi Framework, a set of interface specifications, format definitions, components and applications that provide an environment to build interoperable tools for the different steps of the translation and localization process.

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