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ENLASO collaborates with your company to combine your internal processes with our ISO 9001 certified localization process. Our goal is to achieve the optimal level of quality within your required timeframe and cost constraints. Your dedicated project manager will work with you to determine which languages are most appropriate for your target audiences, and will also guide the resource identification process to ensure appropriate specialists are being engaged.


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Website Translation

A localized website is vital to the success of an international company. ENLASO recognizes the importance of marketing your products and services over the Internet, so we have put together an international group of experts: web designers, engineers, translators, copywriters, etc. Our customers also rely on us to review their English website content for cultural appropriateness, especially for marketing-heavy language. Website localization begins with a well-designed English site.


Depending on product and target audience, your website or marketing content may contain slang or colloquial expressions, or may be so highly creative and flavorful in a way that simply does not lend itself to literal translation. When you compose your content, avoid over-using idiomatic verbiage that only a native US English speaker might understand. If the intent is to be playful, do keep it generic! ENLASO's marketing translation experts excel in creatively translating most marketing content appropriately.

Software Localization and Testing

ENLASO's solutions for software localization include engineering, functional and linguistic testing for software, online help, multimedia, and server and client-side applications. Further, ENLASO provides software localization for technology ranging from medical devices, telecommunications products, and OEM devices, to tablet, eReader, gaming, and mobile app platforms including iOS and Android.

eLearning Localization

Multilingual eLearning initiatives present some of the biggest challenges, with complex linguistic, technical, and content development requirements. As the non-English speaking world becomes increasingly active in a classroom environment of new learning technologies — including multimedia productions, software and web-based learning programs, online examinations, etc. — the eLearning industry is at the frontier of global information sharing.

Mobile Technology Localization

The rapidly proliferating and evolving wireless industry requires immediate turn arounds and flexibility. ENLASO provides enterprise language solutions that ensure quality global products with reduced costs, and faster time-to-market.

Whether you are just developing your application or already have a global-ready technology, ENLASO supports your international efforts at every stage of the product life cycle.

Legal Document Translation

With over 40 years of experience in more than 100 languages, ENLASO’s veteran linguistic teams possess extensive legal translation training and continuously demonstrate expertise with court documents, real estate contracts, human resources documentation, contracts, agreements, EULAs, Terms of Use, briefs, depositions and other legal documents.


ENLASO provides interpreting support for many language combinations. After carefully analyzing your needs, we select professional interpreters that are native speakers and certified in their field of interpretation to meet the required specifications. We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpreting solutions for international business and government negotiations, meetings, technical discussions, conferences, seminars, onsite work and other events. We are also proud to offer over-the-phone voice interpretation in over 200 languages with fast connections.

Localized Audio and Video

Localized multimedia content allows your international audience to focus naturally on your message. To target audiences around the globe, appropriately localized voice-over and video content provide effective content for your presentation or website to capture your potential customer’s attention, and have them tune into your product or service. ENLASO works with professional studio production teams and we only hire native voice-over professionals who are experienced in the specific subject matter.

Project Management

ENLASO has a team of experienced project management professionals. Your dedicated project manager is your primary point of contact throughout the project life cycle, and beyond. His/her chief responsibilities are analyzing and documenting project and business requirements, communicating project status as mutually agreed upon, developing and managing the project schedule, coordinating all project resources, and delivering final quality translations on time, and within budget.

Transcription and Captioning

ENLASO offers voice-to-text solutions, particularly transcription, real-time/offline closed captioning, and subtitling services—with focus on accuracy, quality, and fast turnaround. We provide transcription and captioning services for customers in many market segments: Healthcare, Medical, Banking, Financial, Insurance, Travel, Hospitality, Media, Entertainment, Legal, Law Enforcement, Telecom, Government, Retail, and Technology.

Into English Translation

Into English translation differs from traditional Into Foreign translation of large scale documentation, software, and website localization projects. Because the information is often very time-critical—and largely for an internal corporate audience—this service is characterized by accurate, fast-paced translation work targeted "for information only" use. ENLASO's team of dedicated subject matter experts in strategic areas ensure that our customers' aggressive timeline requirements are met.

Certification and Notarization Services

Many documents translated from a foreign language into English require certification that the end product (the translated document) is a true and accurate translation of the source document. ENLASO certifies the accuracy of any translation and provides notarized certificates, at no extra cost.

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